Caitlyn Bolton
  • Research Interests: Zanzibar & Indian Ocean, Islamic education, Arabic language ideologies
  • Undergraduate: Bard College – Anthropology & Africana Studies, BA
  • Other: New York University – Near Eastern Studies, MA
  • Languages: Arabic, Swahili
  • Contact:
Ola Galal
  • Research Interests: Political anthropology, social change, North Africa
  • Undergraduate: BA in Journalism and Mass Communications, American University in Cairo
  • Other: MA in Anthropology/Sociology, American University in Cairo
  • Languages: Arabic, English, French
  • Contact:
Nicholas Glastonbury
  • Research Interests: Nationalism, Turkey, Kurdistan, Political Ecology, Social Movements, Gender and Sexuality, Violence, Affect
  • Undergraduate: BA, New York Uniersity
  • Languages: Turkish, Kurdish, German
  • Contact:
Shima Houshyar
  • Research Interests: Anthropology of Time and Space. Anthropology of Infrastructure. Semiotics. Iran.
  • Undergraduate: BA: University of Washington – Political Science and French
  • Other: MA: New York University – Near Eastern Studies
  • Languages: Persian, French, Arabic
  • Contact:
Omnia Khalil
  • Research Interests: Urban Anthropology – Urban poor – Self-Built housing – Slums – Violence – Neolibralism – Labor- Space – Social movements
  • Undergraduate: Bsc, Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
  • Other: MA, anthropology department, American University in Cairo
  • Languages: Arabic, English
  • Contact:
Stephanie Love
  • Research Interests: Heteroglossia, education, immigration, North Africa, literature, literacy
  • Undergraduate: University of Washington
  • Other: MA in Education, University of Washington
  • Languages: Italian, French, Arabic, some Spanish and some Berber
  • Contact:
Derek Ludovici
  • Research Interests: Economic Anthropology, Labor Movements, Informal Economy, Egypt
  • Undergraduate: BA in Sociology and Middle Eastern Studies. Rutgers University
  • Other: MA from the American University in Cairo
  • Languages: Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Spoken Arabic
  • Contact:
Manny Moss
  • Research Interests: Heritage, Resource Development, Turkey, Nationalism
  • Undergraduate: Anthropology – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Other: MA in Global Studies – Brandeis University, Post-baccalaureate Certificate in GIS – Penn State University
  • Contact:
Yasemin Ozer
  • Research Interests: Turkish-Syrian border, refugees, displacement, gender, feminist theory, rural communities, development discourse
  • Undergraduate: BA in Political Science, Vassar College
  • Other: MA in Gender and Women’s Studies in the MENA, American University in Cairo
  • Languages: Arabic, English, Turkish
  • Contact:
Amir Reicher
  • Research Interests: Post-Colonial studies, Environmentalism, Middle-East, The Israeli settlers movement
  • Undergraduate: BA in History and Philosophy, Tel Aviv University
  • Languages: Hebrew
  • Contact:
China Sajadian
  • Research Interests: The Levant, labor, critical agrarian studies, migration, political economy, gender
  • Undergraduate: BA in Government, Smith College
  • Other: MA in Anthropology, Columbia University
  • Languages: Arabic, French
  • Contact:
Alexandra Schindler
  • Research Interests: cultural heritage, visual art, Egypt, borders, migration, and gender
  • Undergraduate: Dartmouth College (Middle East Studies)
  • Other: American University in Cairo (MA in Gender Studies)
  • Languages: Arabic, French
  • Contact:
Cihan Tekay
  • Research Interests: Women, gender, labor, history, social movements in Turkey and ME
  • Undergraduate: BA, Art History and Cultural Studies, Hampshire College, MA
  • Other: MA, Sociology, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Languages: Turkish, French, German
  • Contact:
Comparative Literature
[box title=”Khaled Al Hilli” style=”default” box_color=”#333333″ title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”3″]
  • Research Interests: Middle Eastern Political/Prison Literature, Diaspora literature
  • Undergraduate: Lebanese University, BA in English Literature, Master of Education in Teaching Second Languages
  • Contact:
[box title=”Öykü Tekten” style=”default” box_color=”#333333″ title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”3″]
  • Research Interests: Cultural History of Palestine, Resistance Literature, Prison Literature, Poetics, Translation, Diaspora, Literary History and Theory
  • Other: MA in English (Brooklyn, CUNY) and MA in Middle Eastern Studies (GC, CUNY)
  • Languages: Turkish, Spanish
Arman Azimi
  • Research Interests: The theory and practice of empire and hegemony, constitutionalism in Iran, Orientalist discourse, sociology of power relations, ideological legitimation of power structures
  • Undergraduate: University of Connecticut: Dual B.A. History (hons) and Political Science, minors in Middle East Studies and Classics
  • Languages: Persian
  • Contact:
Mohamad Ezzeldine
  • Research Interests: History of crime and criminology in 20th century Egypt; history of childhood; missionaries, modernity and colonialism
  • Undergraduate: B.A. in Political Science, Cairo University
  • Other: M.A. Arab Studies Georgetown University
  • Languages: Arabic, English
  • Contact:
Todd Fine
  • Research Interests: Arab-American Literature, Ameen Rihani and The Book of Khalid (1911), U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East, Ethnic Politics and Immigration in New York City (Little Syria), Historical Memory and the World Trade Center attacks
  • Undergraduate: Harvard University, BA (Government)
  • Other: Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs (Syracuse University), MA (International Relations)
  • Languages: German, Portuguese, Arabic
  • Contact:
Hratch Kestenian
  • Research Interests: Late Ottoman history, Ottoman healthcare systems during WWI, Medical history, Social and political history of the Middle East
  • Undergraduate: History, American University of Beirut (AUB)
  • Other: MA in History, American University of Beirut (AUB)
  • Languages: Arabic, Armenian, Turkish, Ottoman Turkish ( reading and writing ), French (reading)
  • Contact: &
Chris J. Kirkpatrick
  • Research Interests: Modern Middle East, post-colonialism, state formation, social history, security/intelligence organizations
  • Undergraduate: US Military Academy, BS in Political Science
  • Other: MA History, University of Utah
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Contact:
Sara Pekow
  • Research Interests: 20th Century Syria, Levant
  • Undergraduate: B.A. Bowdoin College, French and Russian
  • Other: M.A. Columbia, MELEAC
  • Languages: Arabic, French, Russian
  • Contact:
Jeremy Randall
  • Research Interests: Leftist intellectual thought in the Levant, Lebanese Popular Culture, Temporalities, Sectarianism, the Lebanese Civil War, Subject formation, Affect Theory
  • Undergraduate: Colgate University, B.A. in History
  • Other: American University of Beirut, MA in History
  • Languages: Arabic, French, Spanish
  • Contact: or
Melis Sulos
  • Research Interests: 18th and 19th century Ottoman history, history of performing arts, and gender
  • Undergraduate: Bogazici University, B.A. in History
  • Other: Bogazici University, M.A. in History.
  • Languages: Turkish, French, Ottoman Turkish
  • Contact:
Daniel Barry
  • Research Interests: Historical linguistics, contact linguistics, phonology, phonemic inventories, Turkic and Iranic languages
  • Undergraduate: Brooklyn College (CUNY)
  • Other: Kurmanji Teacher for Kurdish Language Study Circle (NYC)
  • Languages: English, Turkish, Kurdish
  • Contact:
Insia Malik
  • Research Interests: Arab Classical Music
  • Undergraduate: New York University
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Contact:
Sepideh M. Shafiei
  • Research Interests: Iranian Classical Music, Computational Musicology, Music Information Retrieval (MIR), Music Pattern Recognition, Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East
  • Undergraduate: University of Tehran
  • Other: PhD in Mathematics, Northeastern University
  • Languages: Persian, German
  • Contact:
Onur Sonmez
  • Research Interests: Popular Music (in Turkey), Modernism, Sound Aesthetics, Authenticity, Music and Social Engineering, Gender in the Mediterranean
  • Undergraduate: Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir
  • Other: Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir
  • Contact:
Political Science
Sumru Atuk
  • Research Interests: Comparative Politics, Political Theory, LGBTQ Studies, Gender Studies, Islam, Hate Crimes, Social Movements and Pros
  • Undergraduate: Political Science (Bogazici University)
  • Languages: Turkish, English, Spanish
  • Contact:
Scott Ratner
  • Research Interests: International Political Economy of energy markets in the Middle East and Southeast AsiaOrganizations
  • Undergraduate: University of Maryland (History and Political Science), MA University of Chicago (Political Science)
  • Other: University of Haifa (Peace studies)
  • Languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi
  • Contact:
Dean Schafer
  • Research Interests: Comparative Politics, Political Theory, Post-Colonial Studies, Political Economy, The Kurdish Movement, Islamic Charity Organizations
  • Undergraduate: University of North Carolina, Asheville (Philosophy & Classics)
  • Other: The Graduate Center, CUNY (Middle Eastern Studies)
  • Languages: Arabic, Turkish
  • Contact:
Duygu Başaran Şahin
  • Research Interests: Population studies, aging, family, social policy, inequality, retirement, social interactions
  • Undergraduate: BA in Sociology, Galatasaray University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Other: MA in Health, Population and Social Policy, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France
  • Languages: Turkish, French
  • Contact:
Rebecca Karam
  • Research Interests: Arab Americans, Immigration, Race and Ethnicity, Middle Eastern Politics
  • Undergraduate: University of Michigan-Dearbon
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Contact:
Urban Education
Demet Arpacık
  • Research Interests: Bilingual Education, Multicultural Education, Culture, Race, and Ethnicity
  • Undergraduate: Early Childhood Education & Psychological Counseling at Bogazici University
  • Other: Educational leadership and Administration, MED at Boston College
  • Languages: Kurdish, Turkish
  • Contact:
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