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Beth Baron is featured on the Ottoman History Podcast : Click for podcast on Missionaries and the Making of the Muslim Brotherhood on the Ottoman History Podcast.

Beth Baron is featured on the Ottoman History Podcast where she discusses her new publication, The Orphan Scandal,: Click for podcast on The Orphan Scandal




Beth Baron is interviewed by Jadaliyya on her new book The Orphan Scandal: Christian Missionaries and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood Click here for the interview with Beth Baron on The Orphan Scandal




Rola El-Husseini’s article in Turkish Review titled “The national and regional implications of a garbage revolution”

• Rola El-Husseini’s article in Turkish Review titled “The general and the Islamist: military-Islamist relations in Algeria, Turkey, and Egypt”

• Rola El-Husseini’s article in The Washington Post titled “What a garbage crisis tells us about Lebanese politics”

• Rola El-Husseini’s article in The National Interest titled “The Muslim World Is Turning on Hezbollah”

Rola El-Husseini’s article in Newsweek, “Radical Islam’s War on Women”

• Rola El-Husseini’s new essay in Jadaliyya titled “Slurring Sectarianism: Sunni-Shi‘i Discourse in Lebanon

• Rola El-Husseini’s article on Juan Cole’s blog Informed Comment entitled “Hezbollah’s Surprising Denunciation of Paris Attacks: is it Courting the West?” Click here for link

Rola El-Husseini published an article in the Washington Post called “Cracks in the Hezbollah monopoly” Click here for link




Christa Salamandra is a consultant for the PBS documentary Return to Homs, which premiered on July 20th, 2015. Click here for further info.

Christa Salamandra led a post-screening discussion on the film We Cannot Go There Now at Socially Relevant Film Festival, New York, March 2015. Click here for a video recording of the discussion.

Christa Salamandra is quoted by NPR on February 15, 2015 on a discussion about the Syrian play Shesh Yak. Click here for the podcast.


Recaps of MEMEAC Events


Vahé Tachjian presentation on January 21st, 2015 on Building the “Model Ottoman Citizen”. Click here for a short video of the event. PDF for the Vahé Tachjian’s talk

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