MESA 2018

We at MEMEAC are excited to announce that dozens of our affiliated faculty and students will present their research at the annual Middle East Studies Association’s conference to be held in San Antonio, Texas from November 15th to November 18th, 2018

CUNY Participants MESA 2018 

11:00AM-1:00PM Friday November 16:

  • Deen Sharp, The Graduate Center, CUNY- “Constructing Urban Violence” in (5156) Ways of Knowing: Situated and Relational Geographies of the Middle East and North Africa, Part II

1:30PM-3:30PM Friday November 16:

  • Arman Azimi, The Graduate Center, CUNY- “Petroleum, Health, and Power: The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and Colonial Medicine in Iran, 1909-1953” in (5308) Science, Medicine, Oral Histories, and Progress in Qajar, Pahlavi and Revolutionary Iran
  • Beth Baron The Graduate Center, CUNY- “Committee on Sexual Harassment” in Issues in the Profession

8:30AM-10:30AM Saturday November 17

  • Deen Sharp (Organizer & Presenter) The Graduate Center, CUNY; and Jillian Schwedler Hunter College, CUNY in (5146) A Global Middle East and the Search for a Core

11:00AM-1:00PM Saturday November 17:

  • Beth Baron, The Graduate Center, CUNY- Presenter in (5113) Medicine and Science: Geography, Periodization, Rupture, Continuity, Part II

3:00PM-5:00PM Saturday November 17:

  • Beth Baron, The Graduate Center, CUNY- Presidential Panel Challenging Times: Protecting Academia in an Era of Change
  • Christa Salamandra, CUNY- “The Pessoptimism of Syrian Social Realism” in (5215) Crisis and Catastrophe: Conceptualizing Engaged Arab Film and Literature through a Syrian Lens
  • Marnia Lazreg, Hunter College, CUNY- “The Battle of Names: The Algerian War between Insurgency and Revolution” in (5165) Beyond Revolution: Emerging Gendered Perspectives from Modern Arab History

5:30PM-7:30PM Saturday November 17

  • Andrew Alger, Graduate Center CUNY- ““The Social Subsoil of Baghdad in Revolt”: Urban Infrastructure and Popular Protest, 1930-1958” in (5079) The Coalescence of Resistance: Negotiations and Protests in Late Ottoman and Monarchic Iraq
  • Mandana E. Limbert, Queens College, CUNY- Presenter in (5115) Border-Crossing, Border-Making: New Approaches to Middle East-Indian Ocean Connections
  • Rouabah Brahim, The Graduate Center, CUNY- “Theory and Private Property: A Decolonial Approach”; and Corinna Mullin, John Jay College, CUNY “The Tunisian Academy and the Transnational “Undercommons”: Insights from Black Studies and Decolonial Theory” in (5211) Knowledge Production in the Context of Colonial-Racial Capitalism: New Trends in Post/Decolonial and Political Economy Scholarship on the Maghreb and Mashriq
  • Hratch Kestenian, The Graduate Center, CUNY- “Armenian Doctors and the Medicalization of the Nation after the Genocide”; and Sara Pekow, The Graduate Center, CUNY- “The Lessons of Famine: The Allies’ Supply Plans in Syria during World War II” in (5218) Disease, Famine, and Guilt: Environmental Legacies of World War I

8:30AM-10:30AM Sunday November 18

  • Saira Rafiee, The Graduate Center, CUNY- “Where is My Revolution? The Ideology of the Islamic Republic under Neoliberalism” in (5181) Whither Iranian Politics? Protests, Factionalism, and Uneven Development

11:00AM-1:00PM Sunday November 18

  • Claire Panetta, The Graduate Center, CUNY- “Democratizing Cairo: Civic Engagement, Professional Elites, and the Built Environment in Post-revolution Egypt” in (5250) Arab Cities Revisited: Interdisciplinary Itineraries
  • Mohamad J. Hodeib, The Graduate Center, CUNY (Organizer and Presenter)-“Violent Octaves: Leftist Songs in the Lebanese Civil War”; and Jeremy Randall, The Graduate Center, CUNY- “Temporalizing Ruined Futures in Postwar Lebanese Cinema” in (5252) The Production of Space, Time, and Subjectivity in Lebanese Civil War Culture
  • Anthony Alessandrini, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY- Organizer and Discussant in (5271) Fanon and West Asia