Over 80 CUNY faculty specialize in Middle East Studies and Diaspora. Visit the News page to see recent Publications from faculty.

Name College Department Areas of Interest Email Phone
Abdoh, Salar City College English Iran, M.E. zzsalar@aol.com 212-650-6371
Abrahamian, Ervand Baruch, GC History Iran ervand_abrahamian@baruch.cuny.edu 212-802-3046
Aciman, André GC Comparative Literature Egypt, M.E. aaciman@gc.cuny.edu 212 817-8170
Ahmed, Ali Jimale Queens, GC Comparative Literature Post-colonialism ali.ahmed@qc.cuny.edu 718-997-5683
Akasoy, Anna Hunter, GC Classical and Oriental Studies Islamic Intellectual History, contacts between the Islamic world and other cultures, al-Andalus aa739@hunter.cuny.edu  
Alcalay, Ammiel Queens, GC Classical, M.E. & Asian Languages lmbrew, Comparative Literature of M.E. ammiel.alcalay@qc.cuny.edu 718-997-5571
Alessandrini, Anthony Kingsborough English Arabic and Turkish Literature; Postcolonial Studies tonyalessandrini@gmail.com 718-368-5849
Asad,Talal (Emeritus) GC Anthropology Religion, Egypt, Sudan talalasad@earthlink.net 212-642-2266
Atcil, Abdurrahman Queens College Classical, M.E. & Asian Language Ottoman History, Islamic studies, Middle Eastern History AAtcil@qc.cuny.edu 718-997-5562
Avcioglu, Nebahat Hunter Art History Ottoman Architecture, European/Islamic visual art navciogl@hunter.cuny.edu (212) 650-3752
Averbuch, Bryan College of Staten Island History History and Cultures of the Islamic World, Cross-Cultural Trade, the Spice Trade & the Silk Road bryan.averbuch@csi.cuny.edu 718-982-2878
Bahri, Hamid York College Foreign Languages, ESL, Humanities North Africa & Middle East hbahri@york.cuny.edu 718-262-2463
Ball, Jennifer Brooklyn, GC Art History Byzantine Art and Islamic Art jball@brooklyn.cuny.edu 718-951-5181
Baron, Beth City College, GC History Egypt, Gender, Social Welfare bbaron@gc.cuny.edu 212-817-7571
Barsoum, Marlene Hunter Romance Languages Francophone Literature in North Africa and M.E. mbarsoum@hunter.cuny.edu 212-650-3511
Bates, Ulku (Emerita) Hunter Art History Islamic & Ottoman Art & Architecture ubates@hunter.cuny.edu 212-650 3752
Bauer, Alexander A. Queens, GC Anthropology Archaeology, Material Culture, Interaction and Trade alexander.bauer@gc.cuny.edu 718- 997-5517
Bayoumi, Moustafa Brooklyn English Islam, Migration, Race, Religion bayoumi@brooklyn.cuny.edu 718-951 4288
Beinart, Peter CUNY Graduate School of Journalism Political Science      
Belcher, Ellen John Jay Library ancient Near Eastern archaeology, beads, prehistoric Mesopotamia ebelcher@jjay.cuny.edu   212 237 8238
Bellamy, Carla Baruch Religion South Asian Religions (including Islam) carla.bellamy@baruch.cuny.edu 646-312-4482
Bilici, Mucahit John Jay Sociology Cultural sociology of Islam in the US mbilici@jjay.cuny.edu 212-237-8666
Birkland, Adeeb City College Economics Turkey, Iran abirkland@ccny.cuny.edu 212-650-7464
Blum, Stephen, (Emeritus) GC Music Iran, Ethnomusicology sblum@gc.cuny.edu 212-817-8609
Bornstein, Avi John Jay Anthropology Palestine, State violence abornstein@jjay.cuny.edu 212-237-8287
Boumlik, Habiba LaGuardia Education and Language Acquisition (Arabic and French) Francophone literatures, North African immigration to France, Moroccan Judaism, Berber identity hboumlik@lagcc.cuny.edu  
Boyle, Stephanie NYCCT Social Sciences Gender, Egypt, Colonial Encounters, History of Medicine, Urban History, World History sboyle@citytech.cuny.edu  
Can, Lale City History Ottoman social and political history, Central Asia under Russian rule, trans-imperial pilgrimage and Sufi networks LCan@ccny.cuny.edu (212) 650-5479
Cange, Charles, W. Lehman College Health Sciences Kuwait War, 1990-91 charles.cange@lehman.cuny.edu  
Carlson, Marvin GC Theatre M.E. theater performance Mcarlson@gc.cuny.edu 212-817-8877
Chetrit, Sami S. Queens Classical, M.E. & Asian Languages Hebrew language & literature, Mizrahi literature, Film schetrit@qc.cuny.edu 718-997-5574
Cohen, Mitchell Baruch Political Science Arab-Israeli Conflict mitchell.cohen@Baruch.cuny.edu 212-387-1666
Crapanzano, Vincent GC Comparative Literature Cultural Psychology vcrapanzano@earthlink.net 212-817 -8169
Dahbany-Miraglia, Dina (emerita) Queensborough Theatre Yemenite Jews, Language DDahbani@gmail.com 718-636-6284
Daigle, Craig City History Arab-Israeli conflict cdaigle@ccny.cuny.edu 212-650-7469
Davis, Simon Bronx Community, GC History Persian Gulf simon.davis@bcc.cuny.edu 718-289-5677
Dekel, Mikhal City English Nationalism, Diaspora, Hebrew mdekel@ccny.cuny.edu 212-650-6305
De Lorenzi, James John Jay College History Red Sea region, Africa and the Middle East, colonialism, and missionaries jdelorenzi@jjay.cuny.edu 646 342 7570
Elinson, Alexander Hunter, GC Classical and Oriental Studies Arabic and Hebrew Literature aelinson@hunter.cuny.edu 212-772-5044
Fishman, Louis Brooklyn History Palestininian and Israeli history, Modern Turkey, and Nationalism lfishman@brooklyn.cuny.edu 718-951-5000 ext1165
Flamhaft, Ziva Queens Political Science Int’l Relations in M.E. zivaf@verizon.net 718-997-5476
Flores Khalil, Andrea Queens Comparative Literature North Africa Andrea.Khalil@qc.cuny.edu 718-997-5684
Frangakis-Syrett, Elena Queens, GC History Ottoman Turkey, Greece, Syria, Economic relations with West, 18-20th Centuries elena.frangakis-syrett@qc.cuny.edu 718-997-5354
Franklin, Arnold Queens History Jewish/Islamic Cultural Relationships afranklin@qc.cuny.edu 718-997-5497
Freas, Erik E. BMCC Social Sciences and Human Services Arab Nationalism and British Mandate Palestine EFreas@bmcc.cuny.edu 212 220-5225
Gerber, Jane GC Sephardic Studies Jews of Spain & North Africa gerberjs@aol.com 212-817-1946
Greble, Emily City History Bosnia, Balkans, Islam and Europe ebalic@ccny.cuny.edu 212-650-7457
Haghighat, Elhum Lehman Political Science Gender Politics, Political and Social Change, Middle East & North Africa elhum.haghighat@lehman.cuny.edu 347-577-4051
Haj, Samira Staten Island, GC History Iraq hajsamira48@gmail.com 718-982-2866
Heilman, Samuel Queens, GC Sociology Comparative Religious Fundamentalism, Israel samuel.heilman@qc.cuny.edu 718-997-2832
Helmreich, William City, GC Sociology Arab-Israeli Conflict helmreichw@gmail.com 212-650-5840
Helie, Anissa John Jay College History colonial Algeria 19th-20th cent.; gender; women; religious fundamentalisms; feminisms in the Muslim world ahelie@jjay.cuny.edu 646 557 4646
Ibrahim, Bilal Brooklyn History/Religious Studies Islamic Intellectual History; Philosophy and Science in the Islamic world; Islamic Theology; Islamic Law bibrahim@brooklyn.cuny.edu 510-935-4003
Ibrahim, Mohamed Hunter Geography Environmental Studies in Sudan mibrahim@hunter.cuny.edu 212-772-5267
Johnson, Greg Hunter, GC Archaeology Syria, Iran gjohnson@hunter.cuny.edu 212-772-5652
Johnson, KC Brooklyn, GC History U.S. foreign relations; U.S.-Israeli kcjohnson9@gmail.com 207-329-8456
Kamal, Amr CCNY Foreign Languages & Literatures 19th C./Modern French & Arabic Literatures, Francophone & Anglophone akamal@ccny.cuny.edu 212.650.7929
Kandiyoti, Dalia College of Staten Island English Comparative Diaspora and Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies. Latina/o Literature, Comparative Studies of Ethnicity and Race in the Americas, Global Jewish Studies. dalia.kandiyoti@csi.cuny.edu  
Kern, Karen Hunter History Ottoman Empire, Gender, Law kkern@hunter.cuny.edu 212-772-5491
Kornfeld, Abby City College Art History Jewish Material Culture in 14th Century al-Andalus akornfeld@ccny.cuny.edu  
Kudsieh, Suha Staten Island English Travel Accounts (Middle East and Europe), Anglophone novels in the Middle East suha.kudsieh@csi.cuny.edu 718.982.3684
Lazreg, Marnia Hunter, GC Sociology Islam, Gender, Politics, Cultural Movements, and Colonial History mlazreg@hunter.cuny.edu 212-772-5570
LeGall, Dina Lehman, GC History Ottoman, Sufism dina.legall@lehman.cuny.edu 718-960-7713
Limbert, Mandana Queens, GC Anthropology Oman, Arab Societies, Memory, Religion, Modernity, Colonialism mandana.limbert@qc.cuny.edu 718-997-5526
Macaulay-Lewis, Elizabeth GC Classics & MALS Archaeology of Greco-Roman Near East and Egypt, Ottoman and Islamic Art & Architecture emacaulay_lewis@gc.cuny.edu 212-817-1830
Malki, Xerxes John Jay College Africana Studies African and Middle Eastern histories, middlemen in Africa, Arab-African relations imalki@jjay.cuny.edu  
Michelli, Nicholas M. The Graduate Center Education and Politics Policy, planned change, international education nmichelli@gc.cuny.edu 917 882 7670  
Mohamed, Feisal The Graduate Center English Cultural studies, the early modern period, Transnational and Global Literature and Theory fmohamed@gc.cuny.edu 212-817-8432
Munroe, Nazanin Hedayat NYCCT Business Islamic textiles, fashion, art history nmunroe@citytech.cuny.edu 718-260-5773
Obler, Loraine K. GC Speech-Language-Hearing and Linguistics Bilingualism and Aphasia in Arabic and Hebrew Loraine.obler@gmail.com 212-817-8809
Reguer, Sara Brooklyn Judaic Studies Jews in the M.E. sreguer@brooklyn.cuny.edu 718-951-5229
Richardson, Kristina Queens History Ottoman-Arab provinces, Mamluk sultanate, gender, disability kristina.richardson@qc.cuny.edu 718-997-5048
Robinson, Chase GC History Early Islamic History crobinson@gc.cuny.edu 212-817-7200
Rosenberg, Clifford City History North African Immigration to France crosenberg@ccny.cuny.edu 212-650-7455
Rossabi,Morris Queens and GC History Islamic Central Asia, Xinjiang, Sino-Iranian relations morris.rossabi@qc.cuny.edu 718-997-5382
Salamandra, Christa Lehman, GC Anthropology Arab Media, Persian Gulf, Syria Christa.salamandra@lehman.cuny.edu 718-960-8405
Samad-Matias, Asha City Anthropology Horn of Africa Aasamad@juno.com 212-650-8657
Schwedler, Jillian Hunter Political Science Contentious Politics, Political Islam, Jordan, Yemen jill.schwedler@hunter.cuny.edu  
Sedarat, Roger Queens English Iranian poetry, M.E. literature sedarat@yahoo.com 718-977-4713
Segal, Maryam Queens Classics, Middle Eastern and Asian Languages and cultures Heberew and Comparative Literature msegal@qc.cuny.edu 718-997-5570
Shachmurove, Yochanan City Economics Financial Markets in the M.E. yochanan@econ.upenn.edu 212-650-6202
Shannon, Jonathan Hunter, GC Anthropology Syria/Morocco, Ethnomusicology, Aesthetics jonathan.shannon@hunter.cuny.edu 212-772-5452
Spectorsky, Susan (emerita) Queens, GC Classical, M.E. & Asian Languages Arabic spectorsky@qc.edu 718-997-5574
Stone, Christopher Hunter, GC Classical and Oriental Studies Arabic Literature, Popular Culture in Egypt/Lebanon cst@hunter.cuny.edu 212-650-3138
Strickland, Suzanne Queens College Sociology Afghan Communities in Queens strickmcaul@msn.com 718-997-2804
Taleghani, Rebecca Shareah Queens College Classical, Middle Eastern and Asian Languages (CMAL) Modern Arabic Literature and Human Rights rtaleghani@qc.cuny.edu
Thangaraj, Stanley City Anthropology U.S., South Asian America, Kurdish America, Race sthangaraj@ccny.cuny.edu 212-650-7364
Turner, Bryan GC Sociology Religion bturner@gc.cuny.edu 212-817-2056
Veeser, Aram City English Autobiographical Literature veeserh@aol.com 212-650-6315
Wilder, Esther Lehman Sociology Israel and Religion eisabellewilder@aol.com 718-960-1128
Yavuz, Devrim Lehman Sociology State-Business Relations, Democratization, Political Sociology devrim.yavuz@lehman.cuny.edu 347-907-9797
Yesil, Bilge College of Staten Island Media Culture Turkish Media, Globalization, Media and Cultural Regulation, Censorship, Surveillance and Privacy bilge.yesil@csi.cuny.edu 718-982-2549


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