Mission & History


The mission of MEMEAC is to promote the study of the Middle East and Middle Eastern Americans.

Since 2001, the Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center (MEMEAC) at The Graduate Center, CUNY, has been promoting the study of the Middle East and its diasporas. Bringing together a critical mass of more than eighty affiliated faculty members working on the MENA region and people from the region across many disciplines throughout the CUNY system, MEMEAC is also a magnet for doctoral students in Anthropology, Art History, Comparative Literature, History, Music, Political Science, Sociology, and other disciplines. With growing interest in the Middle East, the Center launched a Master’s Program in Middle Eastern Studies in 2008. That program now has an enrollment of over 40 students, with alumni in human rights organizations, language teaching, and higher education administration as well as in doctoral programs, law, and other professional schools. MEMEAC regularly sponsors a works-in-progress seminar (“Dissections”), workshops on special topics, book talks, and cultural events, serving as a resource for both the CUNY community and the public at large, and recently launched an interdisciplinary dissertation writing seminar. MEMEAC attempts to link students, faculty, and the general public with the many Middle Eastern resources in the Metropolitan area.

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